• Hi Snoodlers

    My name is Lexi, I’m 14 and a year 10 student. My Mum said I should introduce myself as there have been so many new people interested in Snoodle.

    I got a sewing machine for Christmas last year, but wasn’t that keen on making clothes so my Mum suggested making a dog coat for our dachshunds as it’s so hard to get them to fit… & that’s how Snoodle began. I love picking the material colours and making jackets to keep dogs warm all over NZ.

    Over the last months I have handmade over 500 Snoodle coats. My facebook has over 3,500 followers and I have this awesome wesbsite so people can buy my Snoodles online.

    THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my little business.

Why Snoodle Dog Coats?

  • Handmade

  • Made in NZ

  • Made with Love

  • Reverseble

  • NZ Wide Delivery

  • Fashionable

  • Sun Protection

  • Warm & Snuggly

Hurry to make way for new, exciting Snoodle creations we have some of our awesome dog coats and accessories on sale. Limited stock, sizes and colours are valiable some get in quick. Treat your furbaby today!

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