How Snoodle Started

My name is Lexi, I am 15 years old, live in Northland and am now studying Fashion Design at The Design School Whangarei. 


At Kamo Intermediate last year I realised I had a love for sewing when I took that class as one of my options.  I made a really cool hoodie and enjoyed the whole process of cutting out the pattern and then sewing together.  For Christmas I got a sewing machine and started out by making scrunchies and some skirts.  I didn’t really want to wear the clothes I was making so Mum suggested I sew some dog jackets for our Dachshunds.  It’s always hard to get the right size as they are so long.  This is really how my little business began.


I was trying to think of a name like Snuggly or Snuggles but they are already being used.  Mum suggested I do something around my Name.  Everyone has always called me Lexi-Loodle.  So I matched the “Sn” from Snug with the “oodles” from Loodle and came up with Snoodle… and that’s how Snoodle was named.



My Mum suggested starting a Facebook page and now I also have setup an Instagram page too.  In the first 2 weeks my Facebook page had over 1300 followers and I have been sending Snoodle Dog Jackets all around New Zealand.  Some Snoodle’s have even gone International. 

Lexi - Snoodle Queen


Thank you so much for the huge amount of support I have received, I love getting photos back of dogs wearing my Snoodle jackets.  I have a few ideas for other jackets so keep a look out!

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